Pursuant to article 69 of the Act on Organisation of Games of Chance and Prize Games (Official Gazette 87/09) 24sata d.o.o. from Zagreb, Oreškovićeva 3d brings the following:


„Digital Takeover 2018“

Article 1

The organiser of the prize game under the name „Digital Takeover 2018“ is 24sata d.o.o., Zagreb, Oreškovićeva 3d, PIN:78093047651. The prize game is organised for the promotion of "24sata" services.

Article 2

The prize game is held on 13 March as a part of “Digital Takeover” conference which will take place at the Branimir Center, ul. kneza Branimira in Zagreb 29, 1000, Zagreb.

Article 3

The prize game „Digital Takeover 2018“ starts on Tuesday, 13 March 2018, when a quiz will be published on the web page http://www.digitaltakeover.hr/. The prize game ends at 3 PM on 13 March 2018.

The rules come into force after the Ministry of Finance has approved them and after they have been published on http://www.digitaltakeover.hr/ with the mentioned class number, registration number and the approval number.

Article 4

The total prize game fund is 13.451,58 kn including VAT, and consists of:

The main prize:

• 1 x MacBook Pro 13" Retina/DC i5 2.3GHz/8GB/128GB SSD/Intel 640/Silver - INT KB of the individual price of 13.451,58 kn including VAT

The prize cannot be exchanged for money. The prize value includes VAT. The organiser undertakes to pay immediately 5% of the established value of the prize fund in favour of the Croatian Red Cross.

Article 5

On 13 March (Tuesday), as a part of “Digital Takeover” conference, a quiz will be published on the web page http://www.digitaltakeover.hr/. The quiz will consist of 5 questions with two offered answers. By answering correctly to all of the questions, a form which participants must complete with their data, will be displayed. All of the guests of the “Digital Takeover” conference can participate in the prize game. However, only those who answer correctly to all of the questions, complete the form with their data and follow the Digital Takeover Facebook page will enter a draw.

Article 6

The prize draw will be held on 13 March in the premises of Branimir Center, ul. Kneza Branimira 29, 1000, Zagreb. After the end of the game, based on the automatized algorithm of Woobox, one winner who had completed all the mentioned steps will be randomly chosen.

Article 7

A three-member commission supervises the prize draw, indicated in Article 4 of these Rules. They keep minutes about the public draw. All received applications are subjected to inspection.

Article 8

The winner who has won the prize in the prize game “Digital Takeover 2018” will be announced on http://www.digitaltakeover.hr/ within ten days, starting from the day of the public prize draw. The participants in the prize game – the winner – undertake the obligation of their name and photograph to be published for the needs of organising the prize game. The participants in the prize game, by their participation agree to the collection, use and publication of their personal data mentioned on the coupons for promotional and all other commercial purposes of 24sata.

Article 9

The organiser of the prize game insures all the prize games in the prize game fund and guarantees their delivery to the winner.

Article 10

The winner has to take over the prize within 30 (thirty) days since the day of receiving the written information about winning the prize. If the winner does not come forward in the mentioned time period, the organiser will proceed pursuant to the provisions of Article 13 of the Ordinance on organising prize games. The winner loses the right to take over the award upon the expiration of the deadline. Upon receiving his/her award, the debtor will receive two copies of the Agreement on taking award the prize and has to return one to the organiser’s address (24sata d.o.o., Oreškovićeva 3D, 10 010 Zagreb) indicating “Agreement – Prize game: Digital Takeover 2018” and keep the other copy of the Agreement. The prize cannot be exchanged for money or some other prize and cannot be transferred to third persons. If the prize winner from this prize game is minor on the day of drawing the prize, the prize will be given to his/her parent or guardian and he/she takes it on behalf of the winner.

Article 11

All other obligations of the prize game organiser towards the winner cease when he/she takes over the prize, i.e. signs the contract (agreement) on taking over the prize.

Article 12

If fewer participants participate in the prize game than the number of prizes envisaged by the prize game fund, the number of prizes equal to the number of participants will be distributed. All prizes that have not been given or collected will be sold in a public bid, and means realised by the sale, will be paid in favour of the state budget.

Article 13

The prize game can be stopped only in case of circumstances beyond the scope of responsibility of the organiser, i.e. in circumstances that he could not have prevented, removed or avoided. Participants will be notified about the cessation of the prize game via public media.

Article 14

All physical persons residing or living in the Republic of Croatia who accept the published rules can participate in the prize game. The employees of the organiser and the members of their immediate family cannot participate in the prize game.

Article 15

A participant who participates in the prize game accepts rules and obligations from these Rules.

Article 16

In case of disputes between the organiser and participants of this prize game, the Municipal Court in Zagreb has jurisdiction.

KLASA: UP/I-460-02718-02/132
URBROJ: 513-07-21-01/18-2
Zagreb, 23 February 2018.

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